OpenID 4 Verifiable Credential Issuance

Nuts supports using OpenID 4 Verifiable Credential Issuance (OpenID4VCI) to issue credentials directly from an issuer to a holder. By supporting this protocol we aim to improve compliance with industry standards and products and remove credentials from the network DAG.

We currently only support the issuer initiated, pre-authorized code flow, without PIN (since the issuance is server-to-server, without user involvement).

Further support leads from what Nuts supports, meaning:

  • Only did:nuts DIDs are supported

  • Only JSON-LD credentials are supported

We aim to support other flows and features in future:

  • Authorization code and dynamic credential requests, when we want to support flows in which the holder requests issuance of a credential

  • Client authentication, depending on evolving security requirements.


By default, the feature is enabled.

But, for a DID to receive credentials over OpenID4VCI it needs to be discoverable, meaning it needs a service of type node-http-services-baseurl. The URL needs to point to the base URL of your node-to-node API, e.g. (excluding /n2n). A background process (“golden hammer”) tries to register this service for all of your node’s DIDs automatically, meaning in normal operation you don’t need to do anything to start using OpenID4VCI.