Running the native binary

The Nuts executable this project provides can be used to both run a Nuts server (a.k.a. node) and administer a running node remotely. This guide explains how to run a Nuts node using the native binary.


Since no precompiled binaries exist (yet), you’ll have to build the binary for your platform.

First check out the project using:

git clone
cd nuts-node

Then create the executable using the make command:

make build

Or if make is not available:

go build -ldflags="-w -s -X '' -X '' -X ''" -o /path/to/nuts

Make sure GIT_COMMIT, GIT_BRANCH and GIT_VERSION are set as environment variables. These variables help identifying an administrator and other nodes what version your node is using. If this isn’t important then replace GIT_COMMIT with 0, GIT_BRANCH with master and GIT_VERSION with undefined.


Start the server using the server command:

nuts server

Now continue with the configuration.