Supported Protocols and Formats

This page documents which cryptographic algorithms, key types and SSI formats and protocols are supported.

Cryptographic Algorithms

The following cryptographic signing algorithms are supported:

  • ECDSA with the NIST P-256, P-384 and P-512 curves.

  • EdDSA with Ed25519 curves.

  • RSASSA-PSS RSA with keys of at least 2048 bits.

The following encryption algorithms are supported:

  • RSA-OAEP-SHA256 (min. 2048 bits)

  • ECDH-ES+A256KW

  • AES-GCM-256

DID methods

The following DID methods are supported:

  • did:nuts (creating and resolving)

  • did:web (creating and resolving)

  • did:key (resolving)

  • did:jwk (resolving)


W3C Verifiable Credentials v1 and Presentations are supported (issuing and verifying) in JSON-LD and JWT format.

The following protocols are being implemented (work in progress): - OpenID4VP verifier and SIOPv2 relying party for requesting a presentation from a wallet. - OpenID4VCI issuer for issuing a credential to a wallet. - OpenID4VCI wallet for receiving a credential from an issuer.